Need for govt intervention

Paddy crop in East Siang and Siang districts has been yellowing due to the rice tungro virus. The white-backed hopper, the brown plant hopper and the green leafhopper, which are vectors of the virus, are attacking the paddies.
The spread of the virus has been widespread and, worryingly, it continues to spread.
According to scientists, the virus has spread because of heavy rainfall and stagnant water.
The department of agriculture should work out a mechanism to ensure that the paddy plants which have not been affected by the virus are saved.
East Siang is considered the rice bowl of the state and hundreds of families are dependent on paddy farms for sustenance.
Therefore, the agriculture department has to work out a mechanism to help the farmers save whatever is left of the paddy plants.
As of now many have already lost their paddy farms to the virus.
The government needs to aggressively look into ways and means to help the farmers as many families who are completely dependent on paddy farming are staring at hunger.