Amid growing cases of Covid-19, RGUTA seeks stricter SOPs

RONO HILLS, Sep 12: The Rajiv Gandhi University Teacher’s Association (RGUTA) has asked the state government to immediately propose new and stricter Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP).

In a letter to Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Health Minister Alo Libang, the RGUTA asked the state government to involve NGOs, VOs and unions to set up isolation centres, identify potential carriers and manage the infected.

Stating that “the accuracy of rapid antigen test (RAT) is only upto 40 percent,” the  association pointed out the health ministry and the ICMR’s guideline that “all symptomatic cases (fever or cough or breathlessness) testing negative through rapid antigen tests, and all asymptomatic negative cases detected through antigen test but develop symptoms within two to three days of being tested negative must be retested with RT-PCR tests.”

It requested the government to “strategize ways to take tests following the ICMR guidelines.”

Claiming that “people are taking things lightly,” the association also called for “booking all the perpetrators as per law,” adding that “community transmission has the capability to wipe out the race.”