MLA inaugurates electrification of market

AALO, Sep 19: Aalo East MLA Kento Jini inaugurated the electrification of the daily market here in West Siang district on Saturday.

In a short function held at the market, the MLA said that lights and fans have been installed all along the market sheds for the benefit of the village womenfolk who sit from dawn to dusk to sell their commodities.

The MLA said he would pay the electricity bills of the market out of pocket for a year, and requested the bazaar committees to work out ways and means to pay the electricity bills after that.

Jini appealed to the vendors and buyers to keep the surroundings clean and observe all the Covid-19 SOPs until a vaccine is developed, adding that the coronavirus “is more likely to become more active by November.”

On hearing about the problems faced by the bazaar committees, the MLA said

that waterlogging and accumulation of dirt in the market areas “are results of blockage of drains in many places,” and urged the senior and permanent residents to cooperate in finding a space for drain works in the future.

“The highway will soon pass through the market areas, and proper drainage will have to be carried out in front of shop buildings as good road cannot be thought of without proper drainage system,” Jini said. (DIPRO)