Postpone APPSCCE or ensure safety of aspirants

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to lay down a few words pertaining to the APPSCCE, which is scheduled to be held on 1 November, 2020.
At the outset, I want to ask a few questions: why do we find lapses and loopholes in the process of examination? Why does the APPSC fail to conduct examination in a conducive atmosphere?
The recently concluded exam invited castigation. Some aspirants were disappointed with the authority’s decision, and showed their resentment in the form of peaceful dharna and rallies, while some other aspirants appeared for the examination. Ultimately, there was exam-related chaos, which resulted in pushing and pulling, police lathi charge, and use of water cannon by the police to disperse the crowd.
Is that really a manner in which such a prestigious examination is conducted? Can an aspirant appear for the examination in right earnest in such a fractious atmosphere? Kudos to those who made it for getting through the examination.
Now the APPSC has rescheduled the APPSCCE for 1 November. What is the logic behind conducting the APSC CEE exam when there is a spurt of Covid-19 positive cases?
The examination would have been concluded by now if the APPSC had conducted the exam when there were no Covid-19 cases, with strict adherence to the Covid-19 SOP and guidelines.
Now all the APPSC aspirants will go to their own district headquarters for appearing for the examination when many districts are still reluctant to welcome visitors from the state capital region in their district headquarters.
What if the aspirants are found with Covid-19 on their way to the examination or just before the beginning of the examination? Will they be isolated and disallowed from appearing for the examination?
Covid-19 seems to be more dangerous than dharna and rallies, since it claims innocent lives.
Therefore, I earnestly request the authorities concerned to reconsider the scheduled examination’s date and postpone it until a Covid-19 vaccine is invented, or ensure the safety of all the aspirants if the authorities are adamant on conducting the examination.
Jumge Pale,