‘Heema Hospital ready for inquiry,’ say hosp authorities

ITANAGAR, Sep 30: The Heema Hospital authorities on Wednesday said that the hospital management is ready for “any kind of enquiry” related to the death of a pregnant woman and her twins on Monday.

Addressing reporters here at the press club on Wednesday, Heema Hospital medical superintendent Kesang Wangdi Thongdok said that the hospital management has provided “all- possible assistance to the deceased’s family when they arrived in the hospital around 5 AM on Monday,” adding: “The staff of the hospital had advised the family to take the deceased to the Tomo Riba Institute of Medical Science (TRIHMS) on their first visit to the hospital.”

Dr Thongdok informed that a detailed internal enquiry was held on the allegation of medical staffers being negligent to the case, as alleged on social media.

He said that the family was also briefed that the hospital had no gynaecologist doctor and could not facilitate laboratory services.

“The gynaecologist of Heema Hospital was out of station on that particular day,” he informed.

“Our staff did what they could have done in that situation. Even the CCTV footage is evidence to it,” he said, adding that “the hospital was performing basic functions as most of the staffers were infected with Covid-19.”

He also said that “Dr Posting Bayang was performing a delivery in the hospital, but did not inform any of the medical staffers about it, nor is there any written record to it.”

“A doctor can perform his or her duty in different hospitals in case of an emergency, but our medical staffers were unaware of Dr Bayang being in the hospital until he (Dr Bayang) received the call of one of our medical staff,” he added.

He said that “the death might be due to the chain of unfortunate circumstances or maybe an error in judgment by the deceased’s family as they waited for Dr Bayang’s treatment.”

Terming the death of Desu Pertin Jerang and her twins as very unfortunate, assistant CMD of the hospital, Byabang Heema said that “the hospital at various situations and occasions has been at the front in helping the people, and blaming the hospital and its staffers for negligence and negative comments on social media for their death is uncalled for.”