NWS welcomes inquiry into pregnant woman’s death

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 2: The Neri Welfare Society (NWS) on Friday welcomed an independent inquiry by a competent authority into the death of a woman pregnant with twins on 28 September.

The death of Desu Pertin Jerang has sparked widespread condemnation of the state’s healthcare system. The bereaved family blamed negligence by RK Mission Hospital’s senior gynaecologist Dr Posting Bayang and Heema Hospital for her death.

In a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club here, NWS chairman Prof Radak Blange Neri said, “We would welcome a fair inquiry in the matter by a competent authority and come forth with the outcome after fair trail at earliest.”

The NWS asserted that if the inquiry finds Dr Bayang guilty, the society would accept it and apologize to the deceased’s family. It also said that the death was an isolated case and should not be given a communal colour.

It expressed deep condolences to the bereaved family and said Jerang’s death was unfortunate and an irreparable loss.

The NWS condemned social media trolls who are allegedly targeting and threatening Dr Bayang. It claimed that Dr Bayang and his family members have been subjected to intense social media trolling, death threats and public shaming by trolls. The NWS appealed to such people to refrain from posting abusive, defamatory and provocative comments on the case, and on Dr Bayang, without knowing the facts.

“His family is being humiliated, threatened, character assassination beyond repair and subjected to mental trauma and agony,” the NWS said, adding that the society would be compelled to initiate legal action against trolls who are issuing death threats and instigating others on social media to target Dr Bayang.

Reacting to suspicions raised on social media over Dr Bayang’s MBBS certificate, the society said that Dr Bayang has been serving the people of the state for the last 15 years. He was ranked second in the Arunachal Pradesh Joint Entrance Examination, 1996, and topped the prestigious All India JIPMER postgraduate examination, it said.