Dirty caste system exposed

The rape and murder of a Dalit girl in UP has once again exposed the dirty caste system in India. At the village in Uttar Pradesh’ Hathras, where the young Dalit woman who died days after a savage assault and alleged gangrape, upper caste men were defending the four men arrested for the crime on camera. On Monday, they were caught on camera issuing threats even as Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad was visiting the victim’s family. What is shocking is the complete fearlessness and impunity with which men go around dropping threats in the presence of scores of policemen. While the UP police for days stopped opposition leaders and media from entering Hathras, citing imposition of Section 144, the upper caste men held a protest meeting in the village.

This open intimidation of victimized families by upper caste people shows that they have no regard for the law. Instead of protecting the victim family and punishing the rapists, the UP government is busy trying to stop opposition leaders and media from visiting Hathras. It was only after pressure started building that they allowed them entry. This blatant disregard for democratic values is shocking. Further, instead of concentrating on investigating the rape and murder of the young girl, the UP police on Monday filed 19 FIRs against unknown people, alleging attempt to disturb peace in the state and listed sedition, conspiracy and promoting religious hatred the FIR. What a waste of time in carrying out investigation against imaginary enemies. This is sheer waste of public money and other resources.