Youths trained in poultry farming

KANUBARI, Oct 5: Thirteen rural youths participated in a weeklong training programme on ‘Entrepreneurship development through poultry farming for rural youths’, organized here from 29 September to 5 October by the Longding KVK.

During the programme, the KVK’s animal science expert Dr Tilling Tayo covered all aspects of poultry farming, such as housing design, chick management, vaccination schedule, marketing, etc. He encouraged the farmers not to wait for the government to provide subsidy or free inputs.

“You are responsible to shape your life and formulate own action plan in life for self-reliance,” he told the trainees.

The programme concluded with distribution of certificates to the participants. Earlier, a similar training programme had been conducted for 10 rural youths, of whom nine have already established their own poultry farms with capacities for 200 to 600 birds.