Don’t take Covid-19 lightly

The number of people dying from Covid-19 has reached 20 in the state. In the last two days alone, two people lost the battle against Covid-19. On Monday, a 55-year-old Covid-19 positive man from Yingkiong with comorbidity passed away at the dedicated Covid hospital in Chimpu. On Tuesday, a 47-year-old junior engineer working with the hydropower department died from coronavirus. Apart from hypertension, he had no other existing health issues. It’s a matter of deep worry that the number of Covid cases is rising in the state and with it the deaths too are rising. What is more worrying is that young people with no major existing health issues are dying.

These are alarming signs for the state. Hopefully, it will open the eyes of the people of the state. Still there are many who do not take Covid-19 seriously and dismiss it as some kind of seasonal flu. Scientists across the world have declared it as a deadly virus and it has caused the death of so many people all over the world. No wonder the World Health Organization has declared it as a global pandemic. People need to take this virus seriously and follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the health department. The only way to effectively fight Covid-19 is by following the SOPs. Till a vaccine is developed, people will have to follow the SOPs and keep themselves and their loved ones safe.