LDV DA holds social audit of Covid-19 management fund

ROING, Oct 7: A social audit of funds received and expenditure made under the Covid-19 management fund by the district disaster management authority (DDMA) was held on Wednesday at the deputy commissioner’s conference hall by the Lower Dibang Valley district administration, wherein DC Mitali Namchoom gave a detailed presentation of the funds received till date and the various expenses incurred.

The audit included infrastructure and equipment cost for making 12 quarantine facilities as per SOP, three Covid care centres (CCC) and three check gates at Shantipur, Koronu and Dambuk; food expenses of quarantine facilities (QF) for 570 inmates, staff, cooking staff, police from 31 March to 13 July 2020, QF for medical staff and staff at

 the check gates, CCCs etc; transportation and POL for vehicles used to transport returnees from the check gates, staff conveyance, RTPCR van, magistrates on duty, control room personnel etc; sanitisation expenses; relief centres for stranded migrants which housed 114 labourers from 31 March to 6 May 2020 and free ration for 690 persons, etc.

Addressing community leaders, community-based organisations (CBOs), NGOs, student organisations and heads of departments, the DC also informed about the disbursement from the CM’s Relief Fund of Rs 3,500 each to 400 people; honorarium to be disbursed to 210 personnel (contingency, contractual staff and APST bus drivers) and five portable toilets procured under the MLA LAD fund.

Further, the DC addressed the various alleged rumours floating on social media about the alleged mismanagement of Covid fund.

In the matter of the license of the vendor supplying food items under the establishment name Hotel Azzizeru, the license was issued in 1991 and has validity till 31st August 2020, therefore it is a valid license. The food bill submitted by the hotel was against food provided for 18 inmates for 28 days, the house was informed.

Regarding the bedding sets, all inmates were asked to bring their own bedding and utilities, in consultation with CBOs and stakeholders, as per an order (dated 24th April 2020) and 50 bedding sets procured were to cater to the need of returnees of the faraway areas of Paglam and Hunli and for emergency purposes.

On the OPPO mobile handset of less than Rs 10,000, the phone has been used/ is being used to receive all kinds of applications during lockdown, entry-exit permits, ERC permissions, medical travel permissions, labour entry permissions with the objective to avoid human interface as per the Covid-19 SOP and social distancing norms.

Highlighting a few provisions of the RTI Act, 2005m, she stated that there were several misconceptions regarding the provisions of the Act among the general public, leading to “high handedness on the part of departments and also sometimes over activism by certain RTI applicants.”

She, therefore, upon elaborating certain important provisions of the Act, requested the CBOs to disseminate such knowledge to the common public to ensure no misuse of the Act.

Mibom Pertin (Member, district-level interim committee) and Bishen Mepo (GS, IMCLS) expressed their appreciation for the usefulness of the social audit process and remarked that the presentation made on the issue had cleared many misinformations.

They emphasized that “the government servants should continue working toward keeping the district safe and secure during this time despite such allegations.”

DC Namchoom called the entire episode of allegations on social media, unfortunate and asked the CBOs to come directly to the district administration to clarify doubts and issues before putting them on social media as they result in misrepresentation of facts.

Representatives from the district level interim committee of the Panchayat, Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society, Adi Bane Kebang, ABK (Women Wing), Enjalo Menda Women Empowerment Forum, Nani Maria Society, Idu Women Society, AMYAA NGO, AIMSU and DASU were present during the social audit. (DIPRO)