Namsai KVK adopts artificial insemination of goats

NAMSAI, Oct 15: The Namsai KVK has started artificial insemination for production of quality goat kids.

“It is the first initiative of its kind not only in Arunachal but also the entire Northeast states at the KVK level to train high-performing quality goat breeds for semen collection and its preservation,” the KVK informed in a release, adding that its animal science specialist Dr Binod Kr Dutta Borah “made it possible to preserve the goat semen of Jhakrana, Beetal cross and local breed upto 96 hours.”

The technology will not only benefit the goat farmers of Namsai; the semen can be transported to the neighbouring districts very easily, it said.

“Artificial insemination in dairy cattle has been carried out in a few districts of Arunachal with the aim to breed upgradation and improve production but there are no such initiatives to improve the local non-descript goats either through selective breeding of own breeds or through cross-breeding with high-performing improved breed,” the KVK said.

“The local non-descript goat breed is known for its meat quality, adaptability and prolificacy. For the farmers in Arunachal, it is the breed of choice along with its cross-breeds. There is a scarcity in the availability of quality breeding bucks due to early castration and slaughter of male goats for meat purpose,” it said.

The technology will also boost the implementation of the ongoing NABARD-funded projects titled ‘Nutritional security and sustainable livelihood improvement of tribal through scientific goat farming’ in Namsai district.

The scientists of the KVK are now planning to conduct a series of skill training programmes for the rural youths, farmwomen and veterinary extension personnel on artificial insemination of goats “with liquid semen, so that the benefits of the technology reach the length and breadth of the district as well as the neighboring districts,” the KVK said.