Man denies being involved in arson attack

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Following the lodging of an FIR against him for the arson attack on the house of one Tame Takiang on Friday evening, one Techi Nyajung came out to clarify that he was not involved in the arson as he was “attacked on the same morning and subsequently hospitalized.”

Speaking to reporters, Nyajung informed that he was

 at a shop in Gohpur Tinali on Friday morning when Takiang came at him from behind and attacked him with a machete (dao).

“I was attacked several times with the machete before I ran towards the police control room (PCR) beat house to seek help. I could not see any policeman there, but my attacker continued to follow me and another person punched me a few times. I tripped and fell on the ground and fell unconscious. Fortunately, a friend who was passing by recognized me and rushed me to the hospital. I did not even see my attacker properly at the time of the attack, till I saw the CCTV footage. I was in the RK Mission Hospital and I do not know what happened later in the evening at Takiang’s residence, but I found out the next day that there was an FIR against me for what happened at his residence in Lorr Putu.”

On the probable reason behind the attack on him, Nyajung informed that he found out the next day that it was due to a dispute over a community land in Moin/Moinpotta village under the Poma panchayat in Sangdupota circle.

“There is a community land in Moin/Moinpotta village owned by the villagers of Gungu Khamir. The land is being used for the development of the area. In January this year, the land was being developed to increase the breadth of the road. However, we received news that there was some disturbance in the work process and, as a nominated representative of the panchayat (till the panchayat elections), I was called to act as a mediator.

“I went to the location with a few other villagers, but a heated argument took place and Takiang tried to attack me then as well with a machete. He was stopped by someone there,” Nyajung said.

The matter was also reported to the circle officer of Sangdupota at the time by the villagers of Moin/Moipotta, accusing Takiang of trying to occupy the community’s land.

Nyajung said he had not expected the January incident to take such a turn, and requested the police here to go through the CCTV footage of Friday morning and also find out the details about the case in January to know the facts.