Roing police arrest two for stealing items worth lakhs over a period of three days

[Karyir Riba]

ROING, Oct 22: The police here in Lower Dibang Valley district have arrested two people in connection with a burglary that occurred in Intaya village.

The homeowners suspect that there were more because of the way the crime was committed.

Assistant Professor Gete Umbrey, whose vacant family home in Intaya village here was burgled, informed that the burglary was well-planned and executed while his family home, which is shared by his brother and himself, had been left vacant for a few weeks in September.

As per the homeowners, items amounting to lakhs of rupees were stolen, including electronic items, a scooter and cash.

“What is worse is that priceless ancestral possessions, ornaments and articles were also stolen, which are deeply associated with family sentiments. Moreover, a lot of systematic damage was also caused to the residential home, which was uncalled for. This has also seriously hurt our family’s sentiment associated with the home which we built with our hard-earned money and soul,” Umbrey said.

The arrested duo is reported to be drug-dependent.

He said that “drug-dependent people commit such thefts in order to support their drug habit,” adding that, if not controlled now, the antisocial elements would resort to more heinous crimes in the near future.

According to Umbrey, the duo confessed to their crime in police custody and informed that their burglary spree at the house continued for three days, during which they lifted every possible item and also caused structural damage to the house.

Umbrey opines that, although the duo is adamantly stating that no one else was involved, he suspects that they work in a gang.

In this regard, Umbrey has submitted a representation to the advocate community of the district, requesting it to voluntarily avoid taking up cases of habitual offenders committing such thefts, in the larger interest of the people of the two Dibang Valley districts. He especially appealed to the advocates to not entertain any bail petition for the two arrestees till proper and exemplary punishment is given to them in order to discourage such crimes and to set an example for other offenders.

Umbrey said that “the families of the two accused have voluntarily offered to surrender the thieves, paving the way for legal or traditional course of actions as deemed fit, and have given word that any family members or volunteers who tries to bail them out without consensus or consultation with the victim family will be responsible to bear the penalty as imposed by the victim family as per the local customary laws.”

He also appealed to the IMCLS, the ABK, student unions and intellectual residents of the twin districts to act in the matter to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

“The drug situation in our district is like a ticking time bomb. Law enforcement agencies and administration cannot single-handedly deal with it until all corners of the society resolve to take up the issue and stand strongly against it. They need to be checked now or we will find them openly carrying out burglary and other crimes in all corners of the district,” Umbrey said.