Sum of moments

— Nang Kham Weingken
Cl-XII (Arts), Dr RK School, Dibrugarh

It’s been a long time since she had been held
Time flew a little too slow at the beginning.
Gathered around the four white long dull walls
And a window to just peek and see the changing colour of the sky
Salty breezes were too difficult to feel
As if everything got changed by the time,

When she was hiding to protect herself from the misfortunes
She needed someone to search her in the midst of darkness
And hold her tight with warm embrace.
For the only way she could justify herself
Was by trusting her timing and the almighty

Perhaps, this could have led her to a forever trauma.
Heavy, these days were obviously heavy and threatening
But she calmed herself down smoothly.
Consequently, she stood before the sight of a beautiful goodbye
And continued exploring the timeless dreams