Choose holistic projects for development

The tourism department is reportedly planning to set up cable cars in two locations of the state, namely, Jang waterfall (Nurang fall) in Tawang district, and in Dong valley in Anjaw district. The project is being allegedly proposed by Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar. At a time when the state is facing severe fund crunch because of the implications of Covid-19, such unwanted projects should not be taken up in the state. Already there is a single cable car (ropeway) in Tawang district headquarters, which has been a failure. Instead of generating revenue, it has become a burden on the state exchequer.

As there is a fund crunch, the state government for the next few years should only concentrate on funding those projects which are of importance to the people. The focus should be on health and road infrastructure. Covid-19 has fully exposed the pathetic condition of the health infrastructure in the state. Therefore every effort should be made to fill the gap and make the health sector robust. The condition of the roads across the state, be it highways or township or village roads, are mostly in a bad shape. The job of the bureaucrats is to guide the political bosses in running the government. The bureaucrats should not push for projects which are not viable and are of no importance to the public. Let the elected representatives, who are the true representatives of the people, decide which projects are in the best interest of the people.