Reforms needed in evaluation of mains answers


I would like to request the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to undertake necessary reforms in the evaluation of mains answer scripts.

The APPSC result has always bewildered many. It is a popular notion that a geography or sociology optional is the key to the APPSC. The fact that more than 70 percent of the qualified candidates have geography optional is telling. Even the top 20 rank was dominated by geography.

The APPSC must undertake necessary reform in evaluation and marking. A ‘subject moderation’ is indeed called to remove the undue advantage to a few subjects, for other subject candidates face a tough time not because of the candidates’ performance but because the other optional dominates it. One mark extra for each answer in a paper of 20 questions can easily oust the other person in an exam where each mark determines the rank and cut-off.

A reform of ‘normalization of marks’ of each subject is really the need of the hour. If for a very good answer, 8 marks is given for geography, then the same 8 marks should be given for a very good answer in political science, history, etc. And an average answer of 7 marks in geography should fetch the same marks in other optional. Hence rationalization is called for.

Until and unless a reform is undertaken in evaluation of markings, coaching institutes would earn hefty for optional preparation while those with other optional will be only wanting to join subjects were wanton marks are given without considering the fact that competitive examination calls for fair and equitable evaluation and any dereliction in it may cost a poor candidate his livelihood.

Orientation of the evaluators is much needed. If the APPSC has treaded the UPSC path, then subject moderation should be innate to it, so that the edifice and sanctity of the word ‘competitive’ stands tall and true.

Mains candidate