Girls who ‘went missing’ traced and brought back

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, Nov 21: The police here in Lower Dibang Valley district have traced and brought back three girls who had reportedly ‘gone missing’ on 3 November from Bengaluru.

According to the girls’ statement, they had left home willfully in search of jobs in the city, the police said.

They were handed over to their respective parents after observing all legal formalities.

According to reports, the brother of one of the missing girls had filed a missing person report on the same day, following which an investigation team headed by Inspector Oimang Pertin was constituted under the close supervision of SP JK Lego.

As per the police, due to lack of clues and the girls’ mobile phones being switched off, they could not proceed in the case. However, the investigation took a turn when the police received information from sources on 16 November that the missing girls had boarded a Bengaluru-bound train from Guwahati.

Acting on the information, SP Lego immediately dispatched a police team led by Inspector Pertin to Bengaluru to further track the girls.

Finally, on 20 November, Pertin tracked down one of the girls in Vijayawada, while the other two were traced to Bengaluru. They were brought back to Roing the following day.