Solidarity marches held for late Meena

ITANAGAR, Nov 21: Solidarity marches for late Techi Meena Lishi continue to be held in various parts of the state.

Seven months pregnant Meena was reportedly killed on 5 November by hired goons at her husband Lishi Roni’s behest.

In Changlang district, the All Tangsa Women Welfare Society (ATWWS) staged candlelight vigils in Miao, Kharsang, Nampong, Manmao, Jairampur and Changlang on 19 November.

Condemning the incident, ATWWS president Korong Longri said, “We condemn the heinous crime committed by Roni Lishi. He not only terribly failed as a father and a husband but also as a human being.”

“The ATWWS wholeheartedly rebukes the ill practice of polygamy and demands justice for our dear departed,” she added.

The society also extended solidarity to the family of the deceased and expressed hope that “justice would prevail and the accused would be made an example of, so that such heinous crimes are not repeated in the future.”

Similar rallies were held in the capital on Saturday.

A group of boys and girls, led by NGO Wings Foundation, took out a solidarity rally for Meena from Dera Natung Government College to IG Park here.

The Nirjuli Youth Association, along with the public of the area also held a candlelight march from D Sector to Bage Tinali on Saturday evening.

They spoke against the practice of polygamy in the tribal society and appealed to the state government to award capital punishment to the culprits involved in the murder of Meena, and sought the arrest of Chumi Taya, who was reportedly in a relationship with the main accused, Roni.