Orientation prog for teaching & non-teaching staffs of Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko held

SEPPA, Nov 21: The first ‘orientation-cum-training programme’ for teaching and non-teaching staffers of the Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko, Seppa (Rang) was held at Rang village here in East Kemeng district on Saturday.

Nyishi Elite Society president Bengia Tolum in his inaugural address commended the efforts of the Donyi Polo Cultural and Charitable Trust and its chairman Katung Wahge for establishing the school.

Describing it as a historic day, Tolum said such school is his dream project “wherein Nyishi language, cultural and indigenous knowledge system are also being imparted.”

Thirty students have been enrolled in the school, which will run in collaboration with the VKV and the Donyi Polo Cultural and Charitable Trust.

RGU Social Sciences Dean Prof Tana Showren spoke on the Nyishi Language Introductory Primer Book I. He explained the importance of the script and said that the syllabus for Class 1-5 “is under process for the Yerko.”

NIFCS president Pai Dawe released the Nyishi Language Introductory Primer Book-I, while DPCCT chairman Katung Wahge highlighted the importance of the school. He also sought help from everyone for the growth of the school.

School management committee chairman Robin Hissang presented the overall progress of the school through a PowerPoint presentation.

“The principal and staff of the school have already been appointed and classes will start soon after the government’s order for opening of school in view of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Hissang said, and sought support from the state government and other agencies for proper growth of the school.

Explaining the significance of the name of the school, which means Nyubu (priest), Nyvgam (person having wisdom and knowledge), and Yerko (learning institution), Hissang elaborated the school’s curriculum and activities.

Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh general secretary Bhai Taba commended the people of East Kameng district for preserving the indigenous faith and culture. He appealed to everyone to extend support for the growth of the school.