Release NHM salary


I would like to draw the kind attention of authorities toward delay in disbursement of the salaries/ wages of contractual under the staff National Health Mission (NHM).

Why our salaries are never released on time? What is the reason behind the delay in disbursal of salary/ wages?

It is learnt that the state finance department is reluctant to release the fund meant for wages/ remuneration of around 4000 contingency and contractual employees working under the NHM.

The central government has already released the fund in March, 2020 following which the health department has put up a file for release of the fund to AP State Health Society.

We are being deprived from all fronts as the government is not paying heed to the demand for regularisation; we are not being paid salaries at par with others and our salary is not released on time.

We are not robots and we cannot work on an empty stomach.

Our whole families are dependent on our meagre remuneration and we are working in various far-flung areas of the state in offices, hospitals and villages.

During the pandemic we have always been in the frontline in combating the disease, but in case of our remuneration and its disbursal, we are the last priority. This is not less than a punishment.

I request the finance department to please release our salaries.

Kipa Tanang