No seat should be left uncontested: Kaso

Staff Reporter

NAHARLAGUN, Nov 30: Officially announcing the names of all the Janata Dal (United) candidates for the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) election, JD (U) legislature party leader Techi Kaso said that “people should have the right to elect their leaders and none of the seats should be left uncontested.”

Speaking at Borum village here on Monday, Kaso claimed that “several seats for the panchayat election across the state are expected to be uncontested.”

While he did not take any names, sources said that the BJP is fielding candidates in all the zilla segments and a few of the seats are expected to be won uncontested.

“These days every house has at least one educated person, and it would be a waste of their learning if they do not place their genuine concerns and problems before their elected leaders or stand for the elections themselves for the development of their areas,” Kaso said.

“There is still time to file nominations. People should come out to contest in the areas where seats are expected to be won uncontested. If there is no contest, there will be no development in the village, district or state level because the leaders will not feel responsible towards the people,” he said.

While the JD (U) has not yet announced the names of its candidates for the panchayat election, it said it would field candidates in both the zilla segments of Borum I and Bath-Ganga here in the capital.

The JD (U) is fielding candidates in all 20 wards for the IMC election slated to be held on 22 December. They are: Lokam Anand (Ward No 1), Yagam Jomoh (Ward No 2), Gora Tallang (Ward No 3), Techi Mema (Ward No 4), Tarak Tajam (Ward No 5), Gichik Tachu (Ward No 6), Tayar Kassa (Ward No 7), Ruhi Tagung (Ward No 8), Pakyum Yana (Ward No 9), Yukar Yaro (Ward No 10), Gida Kaniar (Ward No 11), Khoyda Boni (Ward No 12), Tamuk Tagiang (Ward No 13), Kipa Sopin (Ward No 14), Kipa Yakum (Ward No 15), Tarh Olik (Ward No 16), Taba Takia (Ward No 17), Tarh Tania (Ward No 18), Takam Xavier (Ward No 19) and Tai Tasung (Ward No 20).