Ensure fair elections

With the last date of withdrawal of nominations over, the stage is all set for a bitter political battle in the coming panchayat and municipal elections. While the ruling BJP is way ahead, the opposition is putting up a fight in a few pockets. Unlike the BJP, which is flush with fund and star campaigners, the opposition parties are devoid of both. However, as the election campaign picks up momentum, the opposition Congress and the JD (U) have made several allegations against the BJP. City Congress Committee (CCC) chairman Yumlam Achung on Monday made an allegation that the BJP was trying to lure opposition candidates in order to win the election unopposed in the state.

The allegation comes in the wake of five candidates of the BJP winning in the IMC election unopposed. This kind of allegation of allurement to opposition candidates has been made from various parts of the state. It is unfortunate that people are using a democratic platform to sell themselves to the ruling party. If the person is not ready, he or she should not declare their candidature. This mockery of democratic process is a threat to the development of the state. Also, on Monday, JD (U) supporters alleged that a BJP candidate of the IMC has a double electoral roll. This is another very serious allegation. If the allegation is true, the State Election Commission should take strict action. However, it is not uncommon in the state. Many voters are said to have electoral votes in their village and in their places of work. Despite the best attempts of the election commission, many such cases are yet to be detected. The election commission should seriously look into this kind of allegation and take appropriate action.