Tradition cuisines integral part of tribal culture: DCM

CHOWKHAM, 19 Dec: Stating that traditional cuisines form an integral part of the tribal culture, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein said that preparation of such exotic dishes need to be preserved and promoted among the younger generation.

The DCM was speaking at the first ever competition on Paa-Saa making, held at 7th Km Resort in Chowkham in Namsai district on Saturday.

Paa-Saa is one of the most sought-after traditional dishes of the Tai Khamti people. It literally means ‘minced fish’. It is a soup made of fresh river fish mixed with various herb and condiments, and the preparation of this special dish is an art itself, the DCM said.

“Such competition will not only help to keep alive the age-old practice and the art of making this traditional dish but will also help to protect and preserve the rare species of fish needed to make this dish,” Mein said.

Chau Sujata Mansai, whose five children have started the 7th Km Resort, said that the Paa-Saa competition was conducted “to preserve one of our best exotic dishes as the art of preparing the dish is fast eroding amongst the younger generation.”

He said that the competition was held with two main objectives: “to facilitate the art of Paa-Saa preparation among the youths, and to set a benchmark for the best tasting dish by awarding the best cooks.”

The DCM also released a Tai Khamti music video album, Sao Haak, and also gave away the prizes to the winners of the Paa-Saa competition.

Among others, MLAs Chau Zingnu Namchoom and Jummum Ete Deori, former MLA Nang Sati Mein, and public leaders were present on the occasion. (DCM’s PR Cell)