Handle Vijaynagar issue responsibly

After the Yobin Welfare Society (YWS) made an appeal to the police to not harass and arrest innocent villagers or other students who had no role to play in the recent burning of government properties in Vijaynagar, the All Yobin Students’ Union (AYSU) on Tuesday alleged that innocent public is being harassed by the police. Till now the government and the state police are yet to respond to the allegation. The recent burning down of government properties by a mob allegedly led by AYSU members is highly condemnable. In a civilized society, no one indulges in such kind of act.

No amount of clarification can justify the act of burning down public properties. The people involved in it will have to face the law of the land. The government infrastructures came up in landlocked Vijaynagar with many difficulties, and that too have been destroyed.

The YWS and the AYSU should extend full cooperation to the state police and ensure that the people involved in the act of burning down government properties are brought to justice.

On their part, the state police also should make sure that innocent villagers are not harassed. Overzealous police officials sometimes end up harassing and causing mental trauma in the guise of doing their duty. At this juncture, when the situation is already very tense, any kind of harassment to the innocent villagers will only further alienate the Yobin community, who are already feeling marginalized. The police and magistrates on duty at the ground should behave very responsibly.