Members of All Yobin Students Union arrested, handed over to SIT

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, 23 Dec: Five members of the All Yobin Students’ Union (AYSU), including its president Ngwazosa Yobin were arrested on Wednesday at around 8:30 am by the Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) unit police from Simari area, around 8 kms from Roing.

The four others are Walis Yobin, Ngwapeter Yobin, Ati Bosa Yobin and Ngwalidwe Yobin.

LDV Superintendent of Police James K Lego confirmed the arrests and informed that the youths had arrived at Wakro on foot from Vijoynagar on Tuesday. They left from Wakro on the same night and were headed towards Roing.

On receiving the information, the SP led a team and put up a checkpoint at Simari and intercepted them there.

The five men have been handed over to the special investigation team and transferred to the state capital for further investigation.

As per reports, there was a lookout in place for these members of the AYSU in connection with the recent vandalism of various governmental institutions at Vijoynagar in Changlang district.

On the morning of 11 December, a mob, allegedly led by the AYSU torched government buildings and offices in Vijoynagar, Changlang district.

The mob demanded immediate debarment of ex-Assam Rifles settlers in Vijoynagar from participating in the panchayat election, and shifting of the settlers out of Vijoynagar.

Police sources had then informed that at around 8:30 am on Friday, Yobin students, youths and public, led by the AYSU, burned down the EAC office, the post office and the Special Branch office, and ransacked the Vijoynagar police station.