Literary club meet

ITANAGAR, 11 Jan: The Din-Din Club, a literary club came together for its first meet here at the Eleazar English School on 10 January with upcoming poets and writers reciting and reading out their work.

Formed to encourage poets, writers and people with artistic values to come forth, ‘Din-Din’ translates to ‘circle’ in the Singpho language.

A literary figure and published author, Dr Yumlam Tana urged young poets and writers to join the group and find the right platform to share and express their work.

Dr Tana also read out a few of his poems, where ‘A dirge from North East’ struck a chord with all present.

This was followed by an engrossing poetry reading session, where Andinga Tacho, Oyin Komboh and Ponung Ering Angu recited their self-composed poems.