Speaker inaugurates DMC in Tato

TATO, 27 Jan: Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona on Tuesday inaugurated a designated microscopic centre (DMC) at the PHC here in Shi-Yomi district, in the presence of the DC, the SP and the DMO.

The DMC will help healthcare workers in detecting diseases and providing treatment to patients.

Stating that the healthcare system cannot be compromised, the speaker informed that “many things are in the pipeline to improve the healthcare facilities of the district in the coming days.”

“Public support is very important for all-round development,” he added.

Sona also informed that efforts are being made to upgrade the PHC to a district hospital.

Earlier, the DMO informed the speaker about the newly inaugurated DMC. She informed that now, various tests which earlier had to be done in West Siang HQ Aalo or other districts, can now be done at the PHC here.

She further informed that the PHC is in dire need of a boundary wall, and requested the speaker to look into the matter.

The DC also spoke. (Speaker’s PR Cell)