4 Corps GOC calls on governor

ITANAGAR, 22 Feb: The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 4 Corps, Lt Gen Ravin Khosla called on Governor BD Mishra at the Raj Bhavan here on 22 February, and the two discussed security issues, including law and order and civil-army relationship.

The governor emphasized that “the security of every inch of the land must be ensured, and at the same time a sense of security should be instilled among the people.”

He said that the spilling over of insurgency has affected the three eastern districts of the state, in addition to four police stations: Roing, Sunpura, Namsai and Mahadevpur.

Speaking about the safety of the people against extortion, intimidation and unlawful detention by insurgents, the governor said that “strict vigil must be maintained, so that overground workers are stopped from disturbing the peace and developmental process in the state.”

He said that exchange of intelligence among the army, the police and the administration “must be fast and in real time for effective countermeasures by the state.”

The governor advised the GOC to focus on ensuring better civil-army relationship “to strengthen the local support for the defence in all eventualities.” He lauded the local welfare measures which the armed forces provide for the civilian population in the remote border areas. (Raj Bhavan)