Training prog on cassava chips, amla candy organized

NAMSAI, 25 Feb: Forty-six women farmers, along with the Namsai Organic Spices & Agricultural Products (NOSAAP) CEO and members of the FPO Spices Namsai participated in a two-day ‘Demonstration and training programme on cassava chips and amla candy preparation’ organized by the Namsai KVK recently at Nampong and Nanam Khamti Habigaon under the ASHAMTA programme recently.

While NOSAAP CEO Chow Athina Chowhai explained the function of the NOSAAP, the KVK’s plant protection scientist Dr Madhumita Sonowal Bora provided information on the locally available materials which could be used for making chips, pickles, candy, etc.

Chow Kumar Manpoong from the FPO Spices Namsai provided information about the programme running under the FPO Spices, and advised the SHGs to make turmeric powder.

A solar dryer was later given to the women SHGs.