Airgun surrender abhiyan held in Mechuka

MECHUKA, 23 Mar: Environment & Forests Minister Mama Natung along with Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona on Monday attended an ‘airgun surrender abhiyaan’ organized by the forest department’s Aalo division at Lalung village near here in Shi-Yomi district.

Natung appealed to the villagers to “shun the hunting culture and protect the wildlife for the future generations.” He commended the villagers for volunteering to the surrender their airguns.

He said that hunting must be stopped and people should rather engage in other sustainable activities.

“I appreciate the positive response towards the campaign by the villagers by surrendering their airguns to maintain ecological balance. I request the district administration to issue an order so that the people cooperate with the abhiyaan,” he said, and requested the local legislator to take forward the campaign.

Natung also said that Mechuka is blessed with natural beauty, which is enhanced by the locals by still preserving and promoting their age-old tradition, faith and culture.

“I request the people of our state to visit the district, rather than visiting foreign countries. We have the best god gifted beauty of nature,” he added, adding that support by the people would enhance the economic condition as well as put the state a step forward towards tourism growth.

The minister later interacted with the villagers and PRI leaders. He assured to help in every developmental project in the village.

Meanwhile, assuring all cooperation to take forward the campaign in the district, Sona said that he never thought that the campaign would receive mass support.

“I was not sure that the campaign would be supported by the people as it was first announced in the assembly session. Now that the campaign is for the state’s concern, I would also request the people to maintain the ecological balance which has almost been misbalanced,” he said.

Sona also lauded the villagers for supporting the campaign by surrendering their airguns on such short notice. Also requesting the people of the state to support the campaign, Sona said he would ensure that the campaign is taken forward in the district.

Later, the minister along with the speaker visited the surface minor irrigation projects at Dorjeeling, the Samten Yangchag Monastery, the Tap Asthan Shri Guru Nanak Guruduwara and the Hanuman Mandir.