A step forward by APP on drug trafficking and addiction

In a disturbing revelation, Director General of Police (DGP) RP Upadhyaya on Tuesday informed that the Arunachal Pradesh Police (APP) has so far terminated three police personnel for their involvement in drug consumption as well as in supplying drugs.

This is for the time that the police have publicly acknowledged the involvement of their own personnel in the drug trade. It is a matter of concern that police personnel who are supposed to uphold the law are themselves becoming lawbreakers. The state police have done the right thing by terminating them from their services.

This should send out a strong message to the police personnel and keep them away from drug trafficking. Another appreciable step the police have taken is providing a window of opportunity to the drug addicts to undergo rehabilitation.

The DGP shared that the SPs have worked out a plan to provide an opportunity to the drug addicts in the force to go for rehabilitation. This will offer a rare chance to the drug addicts within the force to get their lives back on track.

Every human being deserves a second chance in life to correct their mistakes. The police personnel should grab the opportunity and seek professional help to overcome the addiction. If the law and order situation is to improve the police forces will have to set an example. People’s trust in them will erode if they are found to be breaking laws.