AR, Khonsa police apprehend four NSCN (R) cadres

KHONSA, 7 Apr: The Khonsa Battalion of Assam Rifles, along with the Khonsa police apprehended two NCSN (R) active insurgents, identified as Self Styled Sergeant Major Khunpong Kanglom (28) and Self Styled Sergeant  Kamnog Pantha (30) and two over ground workers, Janye Agi (26) and Tekhun Kitnya (20) on  6 April.

Agi is reportedly an acquaintance of Self Styled Captain Ravi Wangnow, the wanted cadre in the killing of MLA Tirong Aboh and had an inclination of joining the NSCN (IM) outfit in the coming days.

 The AR and police teams also recovered an M16 rifle, an HK series rifle, two .32 mm pistols, along with 147 live rifle ammunition, two pistol ammunition, besides miscellaneous items, like ration, clothing and personal documents from the insurgents.

Earlier on 5 April, the Khonsa battalion of Assam Rifles, along with Khonsa police conducted a special operation based on reliable input to intercept the movement of suspected cadres of the NSCN (R) faction.

As per reports, during the operation, security troops stopped a suspected speeding vehicle and all individuals sitting in the vehicle were asked to dismount for carrying out deliberate checking.

“Suddenly, one of the cadres tried to lob a hand grenade being carried by him on the column, but his intentions were foiled by column commander by overpowering him thus, averting a major casualty to the column of security troops,” officials said.

During on-the-spot interrogation, cadres revealed that both of them are active cadres of the NSCN (R) and had planned to move to Khonsa for extortion activities, along with the two OGWs, who were assisting them by ferrying them in the vehicle being driven by Agi.

They further revealed that they were also in possession of four other weapons, along with ammunition and had hidden the same in the dense jungle between Thumjiang and Nogna.

A deliberate search of the suspected area was carried out which led to the recovery of a huge cache of arms and ammunition.

The apprehended insurgents and OGWs, along with the recovered items, have been handed over to the Khonsa police station for further interrogation.