Complete construction of underpass at the earliest

One of the most iconic infrastructures of Itanagar, the single-lane bridge over Senki River at Chandranagar is being dismantled by the PWD Highway. A new double-lane RCC bridge will come up in the same place. The double lane bridge will be constructed as part of the Chandranagar to Papu Hill four-lane road project.
This bridge has served people of the capital region for many decades. Hopefully, the new double bridge will be completed at the earliest. The quality of work should not be compromised at any cost.
Besides the bridge over Senki River, another bridge near the DC’s office and the underpass at Bank Tinali are yet to be completed.
These three are very important parts of the four-lane project. All three are important but at this juncture, people are desperately waiting to see the early completion of the underpass at Bank Tinali. This is a very important project and people are facing torrid time due to diversion of traffic, especially school students and officer goers are the worst sufferers.
The TK Engineering has been given time till the month of May to complete the work. They should stick to the deadline. More human resources and machinery should be deployed at the site.
The PWD highway and district administration should strictly monitor the work. The work progress needs to be monitored on a weekly basis.