8 NSCN operatives surrender

LONGDING, 13 Apr: Eight operatives of the NSCN-R and the NSCN-KYA surrendered before the Longding superintendent of police here on Tuesday.

The surrendered operatives include the NSCN-KYA’s self-styled (SS) lance corporal Nyaipho Gangsa (33) of Wakka village, SS private Bowgang Gangsa (38) of Wakka village, SS sergeant Wangkiak Wangsa (25) of Kaimai village, SS private Alem Wangpan (30) and SS private Banthak Wangpan (32), both from Maihua village.

The NSCN-R’s SS sergeant Khuapoh Wangpan (27), SS corporal Nokthat Wangpan and SS private Wangjep Wangsu (27) from Maihua village also surrendered.

The police informed in a press release that the surrendered operatives were engaged in extortion and collection of taxes and were all working actively for the outfits.