DC appeals people to not lower guard against Coronavirus

AALO, 21 Apr:  West Siang Deputy Commissioner Moki Loyi on Wednesday appealed to the people to follow the Covid standard operating procedures (SoPs) at all level as “the nation is going through a very difficult time.”

“Although there is not a single positive case reported from the district, the people should not lower their guard against the coronavirus. It is always important to take preventive measures,” Loyi said.

The people are being made aware of the SoPs though public announcement system by the IPR department.

While the check gate(s) in the district have been made functional, it is made mandatory for all entering the district to undergo Covid tests. People with negative test reports will be exempted from Covid testing.

Large public gatherings, meetings and parties have been banned and prior permission has to be obtained from the district administration to hold such meetings.

While the people moving out from the district have to intimate the district administration and medical department, all sector and market committees have been alerted to locate people coming from coronavirus-hit areas. Wearing masks has also been made mandatory and the violators would be penalized. (DIPRO)