Make contingency plan for business community

With the massive surge in Covid-19 infection across the country and in the state, the government of Arunachal has taken some important decisions. The schools and colleges will be closed from Monday onwards. The weekly markets have been shut and testing for Covid-19 made compulsory at the check gates. With Covid-19 cases rising, there is fear that a lockdown might again be imposed in the state. So far the government has not made any such announcement; however, the fear of a lockdown lingers. If the Covid-19 cases continue to surge, the government might be forced to impose a lockdown to stop the spread of infection.

Such a scenario will be devastating for the daily wage earners and the business community. The worst sufferers will be small-time business persons and daily wage earners. Many of them are yet to recover from the harsh lockdown imposed last year. Many lost jobs and businesses. Sadly, the government, whether at the Centre or in the state, has not been of much help to them. Lack of support from the government has failed them miserably. Therefore, if the government intends to impose a lockdown or any kind of restrictions, it should make proper planning and offer some kind of assistance to the business community this time. They cannot be left to fend for themselves.