Assault on docs not justified

The doctors of the state, under the banner of the IMA Arunachal unit and the Arunachal Pradesh Doctors’ Association have launched an agitation to protest the vandalism and assault on doctors Tuba Muri and Nabam Jadav of Samaritan Hormin Hospital in Naharlagun. The two doctors were reportedly assaulted by family members of a patient on 3 May. The incident is a grim reminder of under what difficult circumstances the doctors work in the state. Whatever may be the circumstances, the assault on doctors cannot be justified. Of course, there’s no denying that the emotional trauma of losing a loved one is tough to handle.

The relatives have termed medical negligence as the cause of death of the patient. Instead of resorting to violence, they should first file a police case and let the case be investigated. Violence is not the solution, and it can never be justified. Both, including the relatives of the deceased patient and the administration of Hormin Hospital have lodged separate police cases. Now it is the duty of the police to properly investigate the case and deliver justice. At a time when the state is battling a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases, this kind of assault on doctors will discourage the health workers. They need the support of the citizens at a time when they are on the forefront, battling Covid-19. Further, doctors too should reconsider whether it is the right time to conduct a protest, considering the situation.