ICR goes under lockdown

The first day of the lockdown in the Itanagar capital region (ICR) and its surrounding areas in Papum Pare district passed off smoothly. The ICR is into lockdown till 17 May in order to stop the further spread of Covid-19. The citizens mostly remained indoors and are supporting the efforts of the district administration. The doctors are sure that the lockdown will definitely help in stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the ICR as it stops the free movement of people. After a few days, the outcome of the lockdown will be clear.

Further, the district administration has claimed that it has made arrangements for supply of essential items, especially food. The arrangement will be tested in the next few days. If the arrangement is not proper, the citizens may turn against the lockdown measures. However, if the service is flawless, a positive message will go out and citizens might support such measures in the future. The onus lies with the capital district administration to extend every possible support to the citizens to meet their needs during the lockdown period. The denizens on their part should strictly follow the lockdown measures and not go out during the entire lockdown period. The business community, in particular daily wage earners, are suffering a lot. However, there comes a time when one has to choose human lives over economics. It is a matter of seven days and if everyone supports the lockdown and if it helps to bring down the positivity rate, then there is a chance that the government may not further extend it.