Security forces ask business community to not succumb to extortion demands

KHONSA, 10 May: The security forces and the police here in Tirap district asked the business community to not succumb to any extortion demand, threat or illegal taxation by any insurgent group.

The shopkeepers have been told to have faith in the security forces and the police and inform immediately if they receive any kind of demand or threat.

The 6th battalion of the Assam Rifles and the Tirap police organized a security meet for the local shopkeepers and the bazaar committee members here on 9 May, during which various security-related issues of the shopkeepers were discussed. The meeting mainly focused on illegal extortion and ‘taxation’ by underground groups.

“Neither the shopkeepers will entertain any extortion demand nor will any UG issue extortion threat/demand and collect extortion money,” said an Assam Rifles official.

During the meeting, emphasis was given on installing new CCTV cameras at strategic locations and making the already installed surveillance cameras functional.

Later, the shopkeepers took an ‘anti-extortion pledge’. They also agreed to erect banners and posters against extortion.

A brief lecture on Covid-19 and the precautions to be taken to avoid contracting the virus were also delivered by medical officials of the Assam Rifles.

More than 50 shopkeepers and members of the bazaar committee attended the meeting. (DIPRO)