Public should behave responsibly

In a highly irresponsible behaviour on Monday, a large number of people came out on the roads across the Itanagar capital region (ICR) even though the lockdown is in effect till 31 May. Massive traffic jams were witnessed on the road, and the markets were heavily crowded. This despite the fact that the capital administration had clearly told in advance that shops in the sectors and colonies would remain open for two days, on Monday and Tuesday. Such was the crowding that doctors worry that whatever gains were made in the last seven days of lockdown have been lost. It is feared that in the coming days the infection rate will shoot up in the ICR as a result of Monday’s massive crowding in the markets and streets.

The people of the ICR need to behave responsibly in this difficult time. The administration has provided the option of buying ration items from home delivery service providers. To make matters easy, the DA decided to allow shops in colonies and sectors to open for two days, so that people who could not access online service could stock food items. Seeing the rush on Monday, the district administration has even cancelled the decision to allow these shops to open on Tuesday. This is a pandemic time and every citizen should behave responsibly. The number of Covid-19 cases and deaths related to it are rising continuously at an alarming rate. The situation will go out of control if the number of cases continues to rise in the coming days. The health sector will be overwhelmed. Therefore, every citizen is duty bound to act responsibly and strictly abide by the containment and lockdown norms in the interest of humanity and the state.