Ensure power and water supply

As the monsoon arrives, water supply in the Itanagar capital region (ICR) starts to get disrupted. On Wednesday, the PHE&WS department informed that water supply to Itanagar township from the Poma source will be affected due to damage caused to pipelines. At this juncture, when the people are already facing a difficult time due to the harsh lockdown, the disruption of water supply will further add to the woes. It is expected to take at least a week to restore the water supply.

Every year during monsoon the water supply gets disrupted, and it causes immense trouble to the denizens. The PHE&WS department needs to find a way to address this issue. There should be a permanent solution to ensure that water supply is not disrupted, come what may. Multiple sources should be available, so that supply is not disrupted. It is not only the water supply; the situation is the same for electricity. The moment there is heavy rainfall, the electricity supply gets disrupted in the state. This is very strange. Across the world, governments make their best effort to ensure that power and water supply are not disrupted, even if there is any kind of natural calamity.