Anjaw, Dibang Valley to go under 9-day lockdown

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 21 May: Alarmed by the rising Covid-19 positivity rate in Anjaw district, the health department on Friday gave the green signal for nine days of complete lockdown in Anjaw district from 5 pm of 22 May to 5 am of 31 May.

Anjaw has 24.4 percent positivity rate and had

 96 Covid-19 positive cases till 20 May. It is said that, out of the 51.86 average tests, 10.29 on average are testing positive in the district, with a moving average rate of 19.83 till Thursday.

The health department in its approval letter stated that “essential services and activities such as healthcare services, police, fire, banks, electricity, water, sanitation and regulated movement of public for buying essential food items and all incidental services and activities needed for smooth functioning of these activities shall continue in both public and private sectors.”

It has asked the district administration to “substantially increase the number of persons tested and send a report on measures taken to strengthen surveillance and contact tracing.”

Meanwhile, the state government has also accepted the recommendation of the Dibang Valley district administration for imposing lockdown in the district for nine days, from 5 pm of 22 May to 5 am of 31 May, with similar conditions.