Story of kindness in the time of Covid-19

[ Litem Eshi Ori ]

PASIGHAT, 22 May: Ever since the lockdown brought all activities to a halt, there have been several horror stories: of people struggling to find even a morsel of food, and of migrant workers left stranded, among others.

Then there is the daily rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths and the discrimination being faced by people suspected to have caught the virus.

Yet, as we physically distance ourselves from one another amid this avalanche of bad news, people have come together in the most extraordinary ways to go the extra mile and lend a hand.

Across the country, instances abound of people trying to do what they can to help.

The devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented, with several countries across the globe struggling to come to terms with the impact of the deadly virus.

While the governments have been working hard to mitigate the sufferings of the affected people, several organizations and individuals have also come forward to lend a helping hand in the fight against the invisible enemy.

In the Itanagar capital region (ICR), one such initiative has been taken by Anto Rukbo, a native of East Siang HQ Pasighat, who is keeping the spirit of humanity alive.

Rukbo currently resides in Itanagar and runs an English grammar coaching centre. He supplies grocery items where their need is critical. Earlier, he donated Rs 15,000, which was distributed among 15 families, and again he donated Rs 10,000, which was used for procuring essential commodities for distribution to 10 women.

It is worth mentioning here that Rukbo donates 10 percent of his income to poor and needy people.

“I feel that as human beings, it’s our responsibility to help the most vulnerable amongst us in their time of need. I appeal to all citizens of the ICR to join in this effort,” Rukbo said.

He also requested the state government to “put in place a safety net for those who have lost work during the lockdown.”