Place recruitment process under essential commodity

I am writing this letter to draw the attention of the chief minister of our state towards the slow pace of recruitment process due to the lockdown.

Due to the present lockdown, many areas of our state are at a standstill. Recruitment drive is one such area that has felt the brunt of the lockdown.

However, the need for manpower in the administrative machinery has been felt more than ever. Due to lack of manpower, many departments which are helpful in the implementation of government orders during this pandemic time are not functioning to their full potential.

Through this letter, I would like to request the CM and other authorities concerned to treat recruitment as an essential item and allow the APPSC and the APSSB to function with 50 percent manpower.

Although it will be difficult for the recruitment agencies to conduct exams at the moment, allowing them to open with 50 percent manpower would give them time and space to at least deal with the official paper works needed for the recruitment drive. This would make sure that they would be recruitment ready as and when this pandemic ends.

If allowed to function, these recruitment agencies should prioritize the recruitment exams.
Those jobs that are essential for the smooth functioning of administrative mechanism in the time of the pandemic must be given first priority. Example, exams like the APPSCCE, police and lab technicians in the APSSB can be given first priority.

I hope that our young and dynamic CM would give a heed to this just request by placing recruitment process under essential commodity.