Vaccine awareness campaigns in rural areas

KHONSA, 4 Jun: Intensive awareness campaigns are being carried out to dispel misconceptions about the anti-Covid vaccines in remote villages in Longo circle of Tirap district by the local administration.

On Friday, Longo CO Ripi Doni held the eighth such awareness meeting at the Kapu village PHC, involving the PRI leaders and members of the area.

The CO urged the PRI members to conduct the awareness campaigns on a mission mode. She suggested to them to go to every household and encourage the people to get vaccinated.

Medical Officer Dr Chaniam Panka assured that vaccines will be made available whenever and wherever necessary.

Kapu ZPM Wiram Matey advised the PRI members to counter all misinformation being circulated on social media. She said all the panchayat members and office staffers of Kapu block have been vaccinated. (DIPRO)