IRBn constable suspended over viral video of YouTuber

ITANAGAR, 5 Jun: Following the emergence of a video of police personnel filming and harassing YouTuber Paras Singh in the lockup, an IRBn constable, identified as Nani Talley of the 4th IRBn C Coy, has been put under suspension with immediate effect.

4th IRBn Commandant Techi Hanyir has initiated disciplinary proceeding against Head Constable Nani Talley for making the viral video clip and informed that, during the suspension period, Talley “is fixed to the 4th IRBn BHQ in Jully and he shall not leave the said headquarters without obtaining the commandant’s permission.”

During the suspension period, Talley will be entitled to draw subsistence allowances as per FR 53 (a) (b).

In the video, police personnel are seen forcing Singh to take off his mask, and asking if he is the real Paras Singh. The police personnel also ask Singh to eat pike pilla (an Apatani dish) before going back to Punjab. The personnel are seen harassing him in the entire four-minute video.

Singh is currently an under-trail prisoner at the district jail in Jully, and is under judicial remand.