APSFC ensures proper distribution of food grains under PMGKAY

ITANAGAR, 7 Jun: A team of the Arunachal Pradesh State Food Commission (APSFC) conducted inspections at various fair price shops (FPS) in the Itanagar capital region on 10 and 12 May and 5 June, in order to ensure proper distribution of the government-allocated food grains under the PMGKAY during the lockdown.

“Initially, there was some laxity due to labour problem, but the distribution picked up well, maintaining all the SOPs of the Covid-19 pandemic. Reports from other districts are showing fair implementation of the scheme,” APSFC Chairman Leiki Wangchuk said in a press release.

The commission has advised the beneficiaries to contact the DFCSO and the DGRO of their concerned district and the APSFC in Itanagar “for hearing and redressal of grievances, so that the beneficiaries get their benefits on time.”

All the DGROs and DFCSOs have again been asked to instruct all FPS owners to display the updated stock position board, along with the contact numbers of the DGRO and the DFCSO, in front of their shops, so that the beneficiaries can contact them.

“Not displaying of the stock position board by FPS owners may invite legal action under the NFS Act, 2013,” Wangchuk said.