Conduct DPC as promised

If my memory has not faded away, the present government had once announced to conduct DPCs twice a year in all the departments. That announcement was really soothing and a great relief for thousands of government officials who had been waiting for their turn to get promoted to the next higher step, but it has been kept unattended since eons.
Like many other officials, the happiness of hundreds and thousands of teachers also could be visibly seen on their tired faces. They also were excited to be in the path of nation-building in a new position with newer enthusiasm, but in vain. The conduct of DPC twice a year for teachers could not be materialized.
It is worthy to be mentioned here that it is very likely to get the enthusiasm of teachers killed if they are kept in the same position without promotion for such long years, that too after acquiring the highest qualification. Every one of us might have observed the fact that newly appointed teachers at the beginning put their full time and energy, which is not continued if they remain in the same designation/position for very long years. Such decline in energy level is not negligence of duty but a natural law of diminishing returns.
With this, I would like to knock the door of our ‘good governance’ government to give due respect to the announcement made regarding conducting of DPC twice a year. And thus, the DPC for teachers may be conducted by the department concerned as announced please. I hope it will definitely inject a new booster dose into the lives of the fatigued ‘backbone of society’.
NW Vidrohi,