Normalize mental healthcare

I’d like to put a spotlight on mental healthcare today.
Suppose you have symptoms of cancer. Would you rather just seek advice from your near and dear ones, self-medicate from almighty Google, or seek professional medical help?
I don’t think I’ll be wrong to claim that most of us who are financially capable enough would seek professional medical help without wasting much time. But what if you had symptoms of major depressive disorder or post traumatic stress disorder or any other mental health disorder? Would you do the same?
Our society has neglected mental healthcare for such a long time that it’s an abstract concept for many people now. Now you may claim that nothing is wrong with you, but that’s what most of the patients also feel. Psychologically, we’re all messed up; it’s just the degree that differs. Anyone with issues of excess anger, bad dreams, grief, intoxication, mood swings, sexual drive, etc, might be in need of professional help. If you face it or know anyone who does, kindly seek or suggest professional help, rather than completely relying on your neighbourhood godman.
Mental health is as important as physical health. Your mental health is like the steering of your vehicle; if there’s any problem with it, it’ll cost you your life in the long run and destroy it gradually throughout the ride.
Let’s normalize mental healthcare.
Inam Koyu Bogum