3rd Covid wave likely to hit state if Covid-appropriate behaviour not strengthened: State epidemiologist

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 20 Jun: State Epidemiologist Dr L Jampa informed that “the pandemic has not ended yet and the third wave (of Covid-19) is likely to arrive in the state if Covid-appropriate behaviour is not strengthened.”

Addressing reporters during a virtual meeting on Sunday, Dr Jampa speculated that “the third wave will likely occur with everything opening up, leading to people becoming careless or complacent.”

Dr Jampa requested the public not to be complacent just yet and strictly follow Covid-appropriate behaviour and get vaccinated to prevent the third wave from hitting the state.

He said that the state had registered 56 deaths in the first wave of Covid, while the second wave has caused over 100 deaths within two months.

“The double variant has faster transmissibility, especially with the youths getting infected (not showing symptoms) and spreading it quicker,” he said.

“However, since the number of cases has dropped and the positivity rate in the capital is currently at 3.96 percent, the lockdown measures have been relaxed after consulting all the stakeholders,” he informed.

He, however, cautioned that the positivity rate would be monitored for a week, and if the positivity rate is higher than 5 percent, containment measures would be initiated as per the Disaster Management Act.

Asking the public to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour in letter and spirit, Dr Jampa said that one should not expose their nose and mouth and wear their masks properly. He also stressed on maintaining hand hygiene and physical distancing.

Dr Jampa also presented an overview of the state’s Covid status and said that the recovery rate of the state is good at 91.62 percent.

Citing AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria’s prediction that the third wave could hit India in six to eight weeks if Covid-appropriate behaviour is not followed and crowding is not prevented, Capital DMO Dr Mandip Perme said that “following Covid-appropriate behaviour and getting vaccinated are some of the most adequate ways to prevent a third wave in the state.”

“The capital has recorded an average of 4.70 percent positivity rate in the last 10 days and 3.96 percent positivity rate in the last three days. Even then, the Itanagar capital region has recorded 32 deaths,” Dr Perme said.

He said that many patients come to doctors or hospitals in critical condition to get tested for Covid. “By that time, the doctors are unable to control the symptoms of some patients,” he said.

Also informing that the capital has recorded the highest Covid positive cases, and that most deaths are among the young, unvaccinated people, the DMO appealed to everyone to come forward and get vaccinated.

ICR Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom spoke about the Arunachal Pradesh Disaster Management Authority’s order on relaxing the curfew.

Informing that curfew will be in place from 6 pm to 5 am from 21 June, the DC said, “When we say that the curfew starts at 6 pm, it means that you should be in your homes by that time and not move around on the streets.”